Squad 7.1 and Sanxian Island

February 14, 2024

Attention Squaddies,

A few months back we spoke of the work we were doing on the next coming map for Squad, Sanxian Islands. Now we are happy to announce that Sanxian Islands will be coming with Squad 7.1 on February the 8th 2024!


This island chain, resulting from volcanic activity, has been inhabited for several hundred years but in recent decades the two major islands in the north have seen expansive development. During the early 90’s a coal power plant was constructed powering a nearby mainland city. The Sanxian Islands hold great strategic importance in the Pacific region due to their coastal location and the potential for pre-existing industrial infrastructure to be repurposed for military use. The occupation of this island by a regional force has made for rapid construction of new military facilities including a radar station and helicopter base. These new projects are in contrast to the existing mostly rural locations that cover the eastern and southern islands. Those rural towns rely on their farming and fishing industries. Hills are covered in rice paddies and sugar cane that quickly turn to dense jungle and bamboo. Towns on the coast feature low density commercial, slipways for fishing boats, and cages/netting close to the shore.

Sanxian will have a brand new biome, with lush jungles and sandy beaches, but also brand new East Asian style buildings and environments. It is a level that focuses heavily on Infantry warfare, with lush forests, industrial zones, and claustrophobic Villages. The use of amphibious vehicles and helicopters allows for high flexibility in the transportation of infantry between locations, but infantry can stand on their own, sneaking through jungle and shallows that connect the island chain together.


A large coal power plant constructed in the early 1990’s has become a strategic asset as it provides the majority of power to nearby mainland urban and industrial zones. The power plant and its surrounding campus support mixed infantry and vehicle game play. It will require heavy cooperation amongst squads if they are to hold the entire POI.


This town well predates the more recent power plant and is one of the largest settlements in the region. It was at one point the hub for the farms and commerce for the entire island but has since been overshadowed. The land its surrounding occupies has been bluntly cut at its edges by the power plant contrasting its mostly rural feeling. Control over the bridges and house to house fighting should offer you plenty of challenges!


PLA helicopter base located on the interior of the lagoon. Shares the port with civilian commercial industry with the militarized area forming a fortified core. The Naval base will support island hopping themes and amphibious combat across the lagoon.

Sanxian Islands Map Layers

  • AAS v1 – USA vs PLA
  • AAS v2 – USMC vs PLA
  • AAS v3 – CAF vs PLA
  • Invasion v1 – USMC attacking PLA
  • Invasion v2 – PLANMC attacking USA
  • RAAS v1 – USMC vs PLA
  • RAAS v2 – ADF vs PLA
  • Seed v1 – ADF vs PLA
  • Skirmish v1 – USMC vs PLA

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!