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Update 8.0 introduces new units for RGF, USA, and TLF factions, an overhaul of our anti-tank guided missile system, improved loading screens, and fresh weapon skins.

Roles: Every soldier does their part

Every soldier must do their part. With Squad’s wide array of roles, there’s a spot for everyone on the team, from those who like to keep their distance to those who like to get up close and personal.


With a rifle in hand and boots on the ground, the Rifleman is the soldier you’ll find on every frontline.

They provide excellent anti-infantry support and a solution for almost every situation, including an ammo bag to resupply themselves and allies.

Rifleman soldier with a rocky backdrop

The Medic is one of the most critical roles on any squad.

Equipped with field dressings, a med kit, and the firepower to get to their allies safely, the Medic patches up their squadmates and gets them back in the fight.

Medic soldier with a desert background

The Machine Gunner comes loaded with extra oomph to provide suppression and tear through the enemy’s defenses.

The scream of a machine gun in action is enough to send opposing forces running and back into cover. 

Machine gunner aiming his weapon behind barrels

Squads can’t succeed in close-quarters combat without support from their long-range specialists. The Marksman is responsible for exactly that.

Providing firepower at a distance, the Marksman uses its specialized DMR or assault rifle to scout the battlefield and take out enemies from afar.

Marksman soldier laying in a topical forest taking aim

What is a squad without its leader?

The most knowledgeable soldier on the battlefield, the Squad Leader is responsible for keeping their team informed of enemy movements and letting their squad know when to attack and when to retreat. And like any good leader, they’re not afraid to get their own hands a little dirty.

Soldier standing with other soldiers with a blue sky background

Factions: Play as 13 Factions in Global Warfare

All 13 factions have been painstakingly designed to provide not only a realistic, true-to-life experience but also a level of balance across the battlefield.


United States Army

One of the most experienced armies in the world, the United States Army utilizes iconic weaponry such as the M4A1 assault rifle and M1A2 battle tank.

PLA Navy Marine Corps

The Navy division of the People’s Liberation Army excels in amphibious combat that can shift to ground warfare on a dime with its fast and deadly ZTD05 assault gun vehicle.

Canadian Army

Armed with a unique combination of American and European equipment, the Canadian Army further sets itself apart by matching power with speed in its LAV 6.0 armored vehicle.

Australian Defence Force

Among one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world, the Australian Defence Force is equipped with a variety of bullpup rifles, machine guns, and launchers.

British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces stakes its claim as one of the oldest militaries in the world, evolving from the Napoleonic Wars through both World Wars and into one of today’s top military powers.


With a lack of optical sights, the Insurgents make up for it in heavy-hitting weaponry like the FN FAL battle rifle and Mosin Nagant M1891 sniper rifle.

Maps: Wage War On Massive Maps

Squad’s 50 vs. 50 battles take place on over 20 sprawling battlefields based on real regions.
Battle it out in the outskirts of society then take the fight into the urban jungle and lay down fire in the streets.



Based on the real-life Iraqi city, Fallujah is an urban jungle surrounded by the Middle East’s blistering desert.

Black Coast

Black Coast is set in an Eastern European forest broken up by small urban areas, where opposing factions clash in close-quarters combat.

Sanxian Islands

Eastern Asia is home to the Sanxian Islands. Soldiers clash in its sea, jungle, and villages, all created with painstaking detail to Asia’s unique biome and architecture.

Goose Bay

The snowy landscape of the Newfoundland and Labrador coast sets the stage for Goose Bay. The Royal Canadian Air Force calls Goose Bay home, providing airspace defense to Northeastern Canada.


Harju is based on the real-life neighborhood in Helsinki, Finland. Set on the country’s lush green coast, soldiers will need to navigate the trees and water to seize victory.

Al Basrah

Set in Iraq, Al Basrah features a spanning desert, rushing blue rivers, and an urban center where close-quarters combat reigns supreme.

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