Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a server ban me for things I have done in other communities?

A: Yes provided they have sufficient reasoning or cause they are able to remove anyone to protect their own community. Your behaviour in another community can be considered valid reasoning.

Q: Can a server ban me for my behaviour in other games?

A: Server admins are allowed to ban you if they feel that your past or present behaviour doesn’t fit within their community.

Q: Do servers need evidence to ban me?

A: We highly recommend servers collect evidence to support their bans but as long as they can clarify valid reasoning, they are not required to have evidence to remove players from their server. Should they want to share their ban with an exported list like “Community Ban List” or issue blanket bans, they should have evidence. Offworld can in some but not all cases request a ban to be lifted. (Please note, the Community Ban List is not affiliated with Offworld Industries nor its properties).

Q: Can servers ban me for my behaviour on Discord or/and other media platforms/games?

A: Yes servers are allowed to ban players to protect their community. Any issues regarding Discord is to be taken up with Discord support.

Q: Can I have a copy of the evidence against me?

A: You can ask for the evidence, however, the servers are not obligated into sharing with you the evidence they have against you.

Q: My community has been blanket banned from a server, are they allowed to do this?

A: Yes servers are allowed to remove problematic groups to protect the running of their servers. Evidence should be held. However, servers can not have a blanket ban against any demographic group, such as a ban based on age, race, gender, and so forth. A server found doing so may have their license revoked or licensing penalties put in place.

Q: Can servers extend my ban?

A: Yes, if you have broken another rule or acted in a poor manner they are allowed to extend the ban or make it a permanent ban.

Q: The server has banned me through their Discord so I can no longer appeal my ban?

A: Servers are allowed to remove players from their Discord without an option for another appeal to protect their community.

Q: I didn’t break server rules, but I behaved poorly. Can a server ban me for my behaviour?

A: Yes servers can remove players to protect their community.

Q: I have created another account so I can access a server but they have banned me again?

A: If you have already been removed from the server due to poor behaviours, servers are allowed to reissue the ban on any new accounts that are created to protect their community. We recommend appealing your ban rather than creating new accounts. Many servers have rules on creating alternate accounts to bypass bans and they’re free to issue bans if you are found to be violating the rule.

The Community Server Ban FAQ is a living document and will be updated as we have new questions to address and to stay in line with policy changes