The Wrench - Spring 2024

April 8, 2024

Welcome to another installment of The Wrench, a look at some of the great work from Squad’s modding community!

We’ve seen so many great submissions so far, and are excited to show you even more awesome mods!

What follows are updates sent to us by the people behind the mods themselves: their words, images, and amazing work!

Liareng Islands by Rookheim

Liareng Islands is a custom map set in the Pacific. It features dense jungles, old trench networks, overgrown facilities, tropical islets and perilous cliffs to fight over. Characterised by its focus on island hopping, the map is broken up into four (three currently playable) main islands separated by the Philippine Sea. Between the dense jungles of the north, the dangerous mountain warfare of the west, and the shattered and rocky shores of the south, each island has a unique theme and layout that requires your team to genuinely coordinate and adapt accordingly.

There is also an add-on for Squider's SquidBots Zeus mod, which lets a game master create PvP and/or COOP missions against AI bots!

Since it's a work in progress, the map still has rough edges (and one main island is not yet playable, notably), so if you ever get the chance to play it, feedback is *really* appreciated!


VDV Overhaul Mod by Tactical Collective Modding

From the combined modding effort that brought you mods such as Middle East Escalation, the French Faction and the Japanese Faction, Tactical Collective is proud to submit to The Wrench the latest addition to the Tactical Collective mod collection in the form of the VDV expansion and overhaul mod!

With playtesting around the corner, the VDV mod is bringing to Squad a new identity to the VDV faction, one that emphasizes the "airborne" aspect of the Airborne Forces: introducing all-new helicopter classes and airborne capabilities in the vehicle lineup alongside new and unique infantry weapons, ground vehicles and commander actions - giving the VDV a much more in-depth character than is present in Vanilla Squad.

For this Wrench submission, we are simply showcasing a small collection of our assets to show off some of what we have to offer, but be sure to check out all of our other work on our Discord server!

Bundeswehr Mod by the Bundeswehr Mod Team

The Bundeswehr Mod is aiming to bring the German army and marines into the game. They are also working on the map Fulda Gap with original middle European architecture, fauna and destruction mechanics for SQUAD. Check out their last 2023 Blog update!

For more info, check out their links:

ZombieMod SquadZ: Origin by Fire Arrow

SquadZ: Origin is a MOD that focuses on the zombie genre, where you can play as a soldier, squad leader, or commander in the game to constantly recover the land that humanity has lost through continuous battles with zombies. Of course, you can also join the new human (zombie) glorious evolution, leading the new human to constantly expand the territory, the planet to own!

Thanks to all players for accompanying the SquadZ: Origin to 2024, during which we have updated numerous pieces of content and maps, and we will continue to bring continuous updates to the SquadZ: Origin this year as well.

In 2024, we plan to rework Mutla, fix and reset several lower-quality maps, rework the AI, and introduce major gameplay improvements to LastStandV2, PVE mode, etc., as well as other new maps and content as we progress.

We currently have 11 game modes, 24 maps, and 10 factions to give players a rich gaming experience.

We welcome players and server owners from all over the world to join SquadZ. If you have any needs, our team is honoured to serve you. If you need to contact us, you can leave a message in the creative workshop or join our Discord to communicate.

Steam Workshop - SquadZ Mod

InvasionCrazyMode by BUG09

Focusing on Invasion mode, this mod advocates fast-paced and fierce confrontation. Different from MODs that add new content, ICM is an optimization and improvement of the vanilla game, paying more attention to details and making appropriate expansions. A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE! ICO has been eliminated: gun control, soldier stamina, and suppression effects have all been optimized. Built-in squad creation time query and anti-cheating functions.

Noobs have no learning costs, VETERANS ARE STILL VETERANS!

76 maps, All 12 factions including the most recent Turkish Land Forces and over 480 role kits have been modified.

Search ICM in the server list for available servers.

Support for both Chinese and English as well as Windows and Linux Servers.

Updates once a week!

  • Cold War factions such as the Soviet Union and West Germany will appear in Easter egg maps
  • Multiple mechanisms to optimize both atk and def experiences and reduce boring
  • Anti-personnel mines
  • Medical stations, medical vehicles, infantry drones, infantry trenches
  • Unlock multiple hidden weapons
  • Better SL kits, making you love being SL
  • Multiple new vehicles and deployments
  • New command actions

Check out the mod here:

Steam Workshop - InvasionCrazyMode

Iran by Londonsmee

AAS map using the Iranian Peninsula of Jazireh-ye Shif in the northern province of Bushehr as inspiration. This is a work in progress. Latest version has procedure volumes to control use of litter, and a weather system to add nice dust storms. There is a working version on Steam workshop: it’s a 3km² sized map. I've tried not to have a completely destroyed region, but to have more of the opening days of a conflict. It doesn't follow exactly the area’s urban makeup but I created more POIs that seem to be more like the playstyle of communities.

Steam Workshop - Iran Mod

Brazilian Armed Forces by Smoking Snakes

Hello and welcome to the Brazilian Armed Forces mod!

This project aims to bring the Brazilian Army as a playable faction into Squad, featuring weapons, vehicles, and equipment utilized by the Brazilian army.

Down below you will witness some of our In-Engine Renders of the mod; a turnable model of our Guarani APC with all its different versions and internal Gameplay footage, testing our main battle rifle the IA2.

Be sure to join our discord to keep track of our mod's progress!

Squad Overhaul by OGL

Squad Overhaul is a mod which, as its name suggests, revisits the game and the gameplay of SQUAD. The idea is to modify the game without altering the whole.

Check out this mod here:

Thanks to the modders for their awesome submissions! Make sure to check them out and let us know what you think!