April 17, 2024

🔨 General Bug Fixes

  • 🎖️ Fixed helicopters floating away on clients when the rotor blades were broken and the pilot exited the helicopter before it stopped moving.
  • 🎖️ Fixed red VOIP icon appearing if another player disconnected while they were talking with VOIP.
  • 🎖️ The USA M1128 MGS turret will now properly pass damage to the vehicle’s main HP.
  • 🎖️ Fixed a bug that could prevent the USA M1128 MGS from burning out and detonating when its ammo rack is destroyed.
  • 🎖️ Fixed several bugs that could cause emote audio to either not play or play out of sync with the emote.
  • 🎖️ Fixed a lighting issue that caused weapon skins to appear darker in the store than they are.
  • 🎖️ Fixed issue where the “FactionSkipRounds” setting did not reliably cause a previously chosen faction to be skipped in the next round of voting (it would skip it for team 1, but not for team 2 where the team 1 players from the previous round have now moved to). Note: the “FactionSkipRounds” setting does not yet correctly apply to units being skipped in the next round of voting, only factions.

Mod SDK Update

  • 🛠️Added a tool for visualizing blueprint inheritance structure:
    Click “Populate” to map out the blueprint inheritance hierarchy in an easily navigable “tree” view.
    Note: The filter option can be unreliable, so you may need to close and restart the tool to refresh it sometimes.
  • 🛠️ Completely reworked the inheritance structure of infantry Weapon Static Infos for easier tuning and tweaking:
    Most files have been reparented, and many have been renamed or deleted. While we preserved redirectors to minimize issues for mods that may inherit from these configs, some of your configs may have lost references to their parent.
    The standard inheritance pattern is now:
    - Generic Weapon Static Info
    - - Weapon Parent
    - - - Ironsights variant
    - - - - Ironsights grenadier
    - - - - Ironsights foregrip
    - - - Reflex sight variant
    - - - - Reflex grenadier
    - - - - Reflex foregrip
    - - - Scope variant
    - - - - Scoped Grenadier
    - - - - Scoped foregrip
    We recommend following this pattern in your mods. We also recommend that your weapons' parent static info inherits from “Generic Weapon Static Info” rather than from an existing Squad gun config to reduce the chances of changes to the base game breaking your mods.
  • 🛠️ Added a script to aid in reparenting blueprints without the risk of data loss. It ensures no properties change in the file after reparenting, even if they were defined in the old parent:
    To use the script, open the console and enter "ODK.ReparentBlueprintLossless [path of file to reparent] [path of file to reparent to]”
    Tip: Select a file in the Content Browser and press Control-C to copy the file path. You can paste this into the console without worrying about syntax.

Known Issues

  • On Amphibious Invasion layers, some of the vehicle spawn delays shown in the unit voting screen can be inaccurate. Specifically, if a unit starts with tanks without a delay, but no tank spawners exist on the amphibious main spawn (an island or carrier ship), tanks won’t be available until the forward land spawn base is secured upon capturing an objective. This is not reflected in the vehicle spawn delay shown during voting.
  • The “FactionSetupSkipRounds” setting does not reliably cause a previously chosen unit to be skipped in the next round of voting. There was a fix attempt for this, but it was unsuccessful. It will continue to be looked into. However, the “FactionSkipRounds” setting should now be functional for skipping entire factions.

Updated Team Select Screen

In this update, we have introduced a new and updated Team Select Screen to bring it in line with the rest of our improved UI:

Gameplay & System Updates

  • ⭐ Adjusted sway misalignment of all ironsights rifles, pistols, automatic rifles, machine guns, and submachine guns: The degree of sight misalignment contributed by moving around is no longer so extreme. This makes it easier to see through the sights without the front post being obscured by the rear sight, with a minimal impact on overall weapon sway. Low stamina will still lead to significant misalignment and trigger the over-the-sights ("Clear Sights") perspective shift.
  • ⭐ Adjusted and standardized the amount of sway necessary to trigger the over-the-sights ("Clear Sights") perspective.
  • ⭐ Vehicle timers on the unit preview screen during voting, as well as in the team selection menu, now show initial spawn delay instead of respawn time. If a vehicle is immediately available there is a hyphen instead of a timer.
  • ⭐ Added the “special characteristics” section to the unit preview screen during voting, as well as in the team select menu. This refers to information such as: “+1 extra HAB per FOB,” “+1 extra ATGM Emplacement per FOB”, “Intel on Enemy Vehicle Spawn Times”, etc.
  • 🛠️ Added new skip options that server owners can use when configuring voting. These include biome, layer size, and expanded game mode skip options.
  • 🛠️ Added a configuration option that allows server owners to adjust voting to ensure symmetrical unit match-ups.
  • 🛠️ Added a “night-time / off-hours” configuration that server owners can use to define custom voting options for a scheduled timeframe. It will override the regular config, but will still be overridden by the low player count config.

Weapon Skins

Precision Strike Pack ($4.99 USD)

This new pack contains four weapon skins for use while playing as the TLF faction:

The black skin for the KNT-76 marksman rifle can be used in any biome, the MPT-76 received a desert biome skin, and the SOR-9 got both a woodland and desert biome skin!


Outpost Pack ($3.99 USD)

This new pack contains an emote and four gestures:

  • ⭐Flex (Emote)
  • ⭐Cease Fire (Gesture)
  • ⭐Overwatch (Gesture)
  • ⭐Disregard (Gesture)
  • ⭐Leaders, Join Me! (Gesture)

This concludes our debrief for the 7.3 Squad Release Notes! Stay tuned to our Steam forums for all our upcoming comms!