July 3, 2024


  1. Reduced and smoothed out apparent movement stutters and hitches on helicopter movement when flying close to busy areas.
  2. Fixed an issue where explosion SFX, VFX, and damage could be desynced from one another or playing out of order, for example, with timed explosives
  3. Fixed an issue where RPGs are sometimes not loaded following the reload animation.
  4. Fixed an issue where patches equipped on the player’s character appeared with a broken texture in first-person view.
  5. Fixed an issue that could lead to IEDs being detonated multiple times.
  6. Fixed an issue with the vehicle passenger list where players who weren’t in the vehicle were listed as passengers.
  7. Fixed an issue where vehicles with turrets could take double damage from projectiles penetrating the hull and turret components.
  8. Fixed an issue with the server browser where Maximum Ping shows the incorrect UI value.
  9. Fixed an issue with the server browser where empty servers were still visible after unchecking the “Show Empty Servers” filter.
  10. Fixed an issue where living players could appear dead on the map, scoreboard, and squad list.
  11. Mines will now despawn when an individual changes team.

Due to the large number of bug fixes, we have a dedicated list of them here.


  • Fixed a bug that caused uploading a mod to the Steam workshop to reset the mod title and description.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur for mods referencing SQRestriction_Count.
  • Added support to servers that load more than 10 mods.
  • Modders can now enable cross-team communication in local voice chat. This does not affect Vanilla Squad.
  • Fixed an issue where mods would continue downloading even though the ‘cancel’ button was selected.
  • Updated the mod SDK to v7.2.
  • Updated mod versioning to v7.2. This means that all mods will need to be re-cooked with the v7.2 SDK to be compatible with the updated version of the game.
  • Projectile Suppression Info now has separate controls for Passby Suppression (when a projectile enters the radius around a player) and Impact Suppression (when a projectile hits an object or explodes). The “Has Suppression” tickbox in Projectiles now functions as a simple toggle for all suppression functionality. Some Projectile Suppression Info Classes were removed, renamed, and added.


  • Spawn timers on HABs and rally points can become desynced. Investigation has identified the issue, but we need more time to plan a solution.
  • Anti-aliasing interferes with the picture in picture scopes, resulting in having to choose the ‘prioritize scope clarity’ option without AA in the scopes or the “prioritize AA in scopes” option, which can result in blurry PiP scopes. An investigation has identified the issue, but we need more time to execute a solution.
  • Players with an Nvidia 4000 series GPU may experience crashes when using the DirectX 12 option. For the time being, switching to DirectX 11 via the game settings should stop these crashes.
  • JensensRange layers are incompatible with the voting system. Setting them up for voting can lock up the voting flow. Please use AdminRestartMatch to escape the locked state.


This update introduces two new vehicles, a map voting system, proper support for manual bolt-action rifles, quality-of-life improvements to gunplay, some UI improvements, and a new pack of weapon skins.


M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS): This wheeled vehicle boasts a 105mm cannon, capable of inflicting pain on enemy armor, but still maintains mobility on an M1126 chassis. It complements other wheeled vehicles and infantry operations and will appear on the USA Faction’s 2nd Cavalry Stryker Brigade Motorized unit.

Quad Bike: The quad bike presents a highly agile and stealthy way to quickly traverse and flank enemy positions, albeit with high vulnerability if spotted. These new vehicles are available for the US Army and USMC Light Infantry units.


We have implemented a voting system to give you more control over your experience. At the end of a round of gameplay, players will be prompted to vote on the following layer and faction that their team would like to play:

The voting step is concluded when the voting time is up or when all the players have voted. When the layer and faction voting steps are completed, the next gameplay layer will be loaded based on the results.

Server owners can configure many options within the voting system, including how much time players have to vote, how many options for voting appear, which layers and units can appear for voting options, and how many rounds of gameplay must pass before the same layer, map, game mode, faction, or unit type will show up in the voting options again. They can also disable the voting system entirely and choose to continue using a set layer rotation.

  • With the addition of the voting system, factions have been broken down into units with their own specialties. These specialties are represented by a unique vehicle lineup and FOB emplacements. In the future, this may be expanded to include unique weapons, roles, and commander abilities. These different units can appear in the voting options for which team to play. Unit types currently represented are combined arms (similar to how factions were set up before voting), air assault, armored, light infantry, mechanized, motorized, support, and amphibious assault. Only some factions have access to all unit types. More details can be found here.
  • With the addition of the voting system, the amount of gameplay layers has been consolidated. New layers are no longer required for different faction match-ups (down from 453 to 203). Additional unique layers will be introduced in future updates.
  • Added support for manual bolting: When using Bolt Action Rifles, firing will no longer automatically cycle the bolt. Players must press the fire button again to manually cycle the bolt and load a new round into the chamber. This allows you to defer cycling the bolt until after seeing where your last shot impacts, especially when using scopes.
  • Aim sensitivity is reduced when using Steady Aim (holding shift while aiming down sights). The sensitivity multiplier can be adjusted or disabled in the Game Settings menu.
  • Reduced scope bobbing from weapon sway. This makes keeping the target in view through the scope easier and can help prevent motion sickness in some players. This change is visual only and does not reduce weapon sway, and it is still possible to trigger the scope shadow effect. Scopes should now be more enjoyable, with no impact on game balance.
  • The “clear sights” iron sights perspective offset now only occurs when higher sway levels have been reached, typically after sprinting or using stamina. This is intended to make the perspective shift feel more intentional and predictable while keeping the iron sights ADS view usable when the sway is high. Stop and take a knee to make the sights return to normal much quicker. Further iterations to iron sight weapons are coming in the future.
  • Adjusted recoil on the SV-98, Mosin, and C14 rifles to ensure players can see the point of impact of their round at the highest magnification setting to support the manual bolting feature.
  • Completely reworked sway on G3, FAL, SKS, and Mosin rifles.
  • Completely reworked sway on Minimi and RPD squad automatic weapons.
  • Reduced hip fire recoil on SKS.
  • Improved the view through the M4/M16 carry handle Ironsights for easier spotting.
  • Reduced the DOF blur on QBZ95 iron sights for easier spotting.
  • Increased the suppression power and radius of the BM-21 rocket.
  • Increased suppression from 40mm AGL, UGL, and FAL rifle grenade projectiles.
  • Shoulder-fired and gun-launched smoke rounds now cause a small amount of suppression at the impact point.
  • Helicopter respawn time has been increased from 6 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • The starting tickets for AAS and RAAS have been unified (reduced in most cases) to 250.
  • The starting tickets for Invasion have been unified to 200 for attackers and 800 for defenders.
  • The number of starting tickets for the attacking team on amphibious assault invasion layers has increased from 200 to 250.
  • The number of starting tickets for Skirmish has increased from 100 to 200.
  • Tank SABOT projectiles now correctly apply suppression as they pass by players, and we have increased the level of suppression they apply at the area of impact.
  • Increased traverse range for emplaced M2 and Kord heavy machine guns to 170 degrees for tripod mounts and 130 degrees for bunker mounts.
  • Increased Helicopter, Simir, and RHIB-mounted machine gun traverse range.
  • Reworked binocular sway to be more forgiving.
  • The side armor of the USMC AAVP7 APC now acts as add-on armor, reducing the damage done by rounds that pass through it.
  • Adjusted the armor of the BTR80 & BTR82 chassis to no longer take damage from fragmentation rounds and adjusted the rear armor to no longer be vulnerable to HE rounds.
  • Slightly increased the max land speed, water speed, and acceleration of the USMC AAVP7 APC.
  • Made improvements to the reticle of the CAF Leopard 2A6M MBT that focus on a better user experience.
  • The TLF faction now uses iron sight variants of the M2HB heavy machinegun emplacements.
  • Added the M2HB variant of the Browning M2 machine gun that’s more appropriate for Turkish, Insurgent, and Militia forces.
  • Updated the Chinese text on the PLA Air Assault Unit patch.
  • Made improvements to the third-person animations of characters using vehicle weapons, including helicopter turrets.
  • If a player has audio input issues, they will see an alert icon when attempting to use VOIP.
  • Several improvements were made to the Server Browser search bar.
  • A splash screen was added to describe the game’s key characteristics. After seeing it once, it will not appear again.
  • Reduced the volume of the Offworld splash screen audio.
  • Made improvements to the Store and Customize menus.
  • Server owners and admins can now rename squads.


Jungle Pack ($3.99 USD)

This new pack contains two weapon skins for use while playing as the PLA faction on Woodland maps:

The pack can be applied to the QJB95-1, QBZ95B-1 Carbine, and PF98 skins. Check it out in the store!

Update to Existing Skins

After releasing our initial pack of weapon skins, we continued to think hard about how to make more skins that our community would love. While creating the new skins for this release, we also wanted to create some exciting alternate styles for our existing skins that better represent the creative direction we’re taking with our cosmetics.

Owners of the QBZ-95, AK74M, and M4A1 skins will now have access to “worn” variants of those skins. Check them out and let us know what you think!