July 3, 2024
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur while joining a faction or squad.
  • Fixed a voting issue that caused the unit info popup to display the wrong amount of vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue with the USA M1128 MGS that could cause the open-top gunner to be kicked out of their seat while driving over shallow water.
  • Drivers and passengers on the USA/USMC Quad Bike will now be kicked out of their seats while driving through deep water, as was originally intended
  • Fixed the QBZ95 Jungle weapon skin to apply correctly to the weapon’s carry handle.
  • Partially fixed a voting issue that prevented modded factions from appearing as choices in the voting process. There may be some residual issues with this that are still being investigated.

Unit Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed a unit setup issue where the BAF air assault unit had one helicopter on delay instead of 3 available immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where the MEA Armored unit was missing two MTLB 6MAs on the vehicle list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PLAAGF faction not to have access to Strategic or Tactical commander assets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the CAF Rally Point to be missing textures when equipped.
  • Fixed a unit setup issue where IMF mechanized units had one transport truck instead of three.

Map Updates & Fixes

Al Basrah

  • AAS v1 - Fixed a bug that caused the USA M1128 MGS and M1A2 MBT to spawn upside down.
  • Invasion v1 - Fixed a bug that caused the FV4034 Main Battle Tank to spawn upside down.
  • Skirmish v2 - Fixed a bug that caused Team 1’s Repair Station to float.

Goose Bay

  • Invasion v1 - Fixed a bug that could cause the Leopard tank to spawn outside the operation area and explode.


  • Motorcycles and quad bikes now correctly spawn in the main base on RAAS v1, RAAS v2, and TC v1.

Sanxian Islands

  • The PLAAGF and PLANMC Amphibious Assault units are no longer options while voting on the following Sanxian layers: AAS v1, AAS v2, AAS v3, RAAS v1, RAAS v2.
  • The USMC Amphibious Assault unit is no longer an option while voting on the following Sanxian layers: AAS v1, AAS v1, RAAS v1, RAAS v2.
  • Invasion v2 - Fixed a bug that caused ticket numbers to be flipped, resulting in attackers getting  800 tickets and defenders getting 200 tickets.
  • Main bases and POIs are now scaled correctly on the Interactive Layer Map Details Screen.


  • Invasion v2 - When playing as the USMC faction, the UH-1Y helicopter will no longer explode or fail to spawn.


  • Skirmish v2 - Fixed a bug that caused Team 1 to have 150 tickets instead of the intended 200.

Known Issues

  • The “change scope magnification level” keybind stopped working with v7.2, which means that the default key “F” no longer works to switch between 1x and 4x zoom on optics that support that. To fix this, go to the Settings > Controls menu in the Infantry section, and rebind the “Cycle scope magnification level” keybind at the very bottom back to “F.”
  • The special characteristics of units are not currently visible on the voting or team selection screens. This refers to information like “this unit gets 2 HABs,” “that unit gets 2 TOWs per FOB,” or “this unit has a shorter respawn timer.” This information will be added to the voting and team selection screens in a future update.