Weapon Skins Spotlight

November 29, 2023

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Attention Squaddies,

With the next release of Squad, we will be introducing something new and exciting that we are happy to share with you now! Alongside the Turkish Land Forces, usual improvements and bug fixes, we are adding a new form of content to Squad with the introduction of Weapon Skins!

Weapon Skins will give you the opportunity to personalize your weapon, adding a special texture to it. We have taken great care to make them feel authentic and fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of Squad.

As we have done in the past with the introduction of Emotes, Weapon Skins will help us fund further development of Squad. Rest assured that there is plenty of free content on the horizon for Squad, but paid content helps us support our game and sustain our growth into 2024 and beyond. We have very exciting things coming into the new year that we cannot wait to share with you! Now let’s go over the specifics!


In an effort to keep the game as realistic as possible and to show skins in the proper conditions (desert skins in desert, forest skins in forest, etc), Weapon Skins can be equipped to specific weapons, are faction-locked, and dependent on biome. This means that not all skins will display all the time and will show when a certain set of conditions are met.

  • Specific Weapons: weapon skin packs include weapon skins for specific weapons and their variants. Once you equip a skin, it will display on all kits that are using this weapon.
  • Faction-Locked: Weapon skins are tied to specific weapons. In consequence, only the factions that have access to the weapon will be able to apply the skin.
  • Biome Dependent: A weapon skin will only appear in the environment it was made for. A desert weapon skin will only be visible on desert maps, for instance.


In the past we have already used Weapon Skins for a variety of different things like tournaments, events, and Kickstarter Founders rewards. This was built off the Steam Inventory system. We have moved away from it and have now built our own internal system to handle Weapon Skins. For those of you with legacy skins, you will find your old skins in the customize menu alongside the new skins. These legacy skins don’t have biome restrictions as they didn’t before, and we have added them to a few new factions that are thematically appropriate.


Similar to Emotes, Weapon Skins can be purchased as packs. The packs can be previewed directly in the in-game Store and purchased on Steam. Once you have acquired a skin it will be available in your Customize screen which can be accessed from the Main Menu. Once in the Customize screen you can select which skin you wish to equip by simply clicking on it. It will display a preview of the skin as well to help you make a choice. A checkmark on the skin will also inform you of which one you currently have equipped.

Once you are in-game, and all the conditions are met, you will be able to look at your new skin. To help you look at your weapon’s new look, we have also added a new gesture for everyone to use for free, the Weapon Inspection. This gesture won’t be visible to other players, only you will see your soldier trigger it.

On the next release of Squad we will have two new Weapon Skin packs for you to buy. Both the Woodland Camo Pack and the Desert Camo Pack will be available for 4.99 USD upon release. Prices may vary depending on regional currencies. Take a look at the exhaustive list below to know the content of each pack.

4.99 USD

This pack contains 3 weapon skins for woodland maps:

  • Shade – M4A1 and M4 Carbines (USA and USMC)
  • Tree Line – AK74M Assault Rifle (RGF)
  • Rainforest – QBZ95-1 Assault Rifle and QBZ95B-1 Carbine (PLA and PLANMC)

4.99 USD

This pack contains 3 weapon skins for desert maps:

  • Black & Tan – M4A1 and M4 Carbines (USA and USMC)
  • Dust – AK74M Assault Rifle (RGF)
  • Gobi – QBZ95-1 Assault Rifle and QBZ95B-1 Carbine (PLA and PLANMC)

Thank you for your on-going support as we continue improving Squad by creating new content, features, and other improvements for you to enjoy.