Turkish Land Forces Spotlight

November 9, 2023

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Attention Squaddies,

We are thrilled to announce that the next faction to be added to Squad will be the Turkish Land Forces (TLF). If you are participating in our public playtests you might have already played them and we are thankful for your feedback.

The Turkish Land Forces faction comes with a few unique tools in their arsenal, distinguishing itself by making use of a combination of unique domestic equipment and a smaller mix of equipment from other nations. Their equipment is a mix of unique, domestically produced weapons/vehicles as well as older-generation western equipment. As a faction, they do not have a particular strategic strength but instead have the tools to overcome any situation.


They have a few noticeable differences for their infantry kits:

  • No dedicated heavy anti-tank role.
  • More light anti-tank roles than other factions.
  • Two grenadier variants, one with an underslung grenade launcher and another with a standalone semi-automatic grenade launcher, the MKE MGL unique in its kind.
  • A machinegunner in the “direct combat” roles, a unique trait to their faction.
  • A special Jandarma role, equipped with the SAR 109T Submachine Gun, our first modern SMG in Squad.

The Turkish Land Forces also come with new unique weapons and optics:

  • SAR 109T Submachine Gun
  • MPT-76 Rifle
  • KNT-76 Marksman Rifle
  • AK40-GL Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • PMT-76 Medium Machine Gun
  • MG3 with iron sights
  • MKE MGL Grenade Launcher
  • HAR-66 Light Anti-Tank Weapon


  • A940 Optic
  • KESKIN Marksman Optic
  • HNA Red Dot Optic


The Turkish Land Forces have an emphasis on combined arms tactics and have access to a wide range of options. However, they also have a few vehicles that are unique to them.

  • BMC 185-09B Truck
  • Cobra II MRAP
  • ACV-15 Tracked APC/IFV
  • M60T MBT
  • UH1H Helicopter

That’s it for this quick showcase! If you want to get your hands on the faction early and give your feedback keep an eye out on our Discord for when our next playtest will be.