Squad Update V4.3 Release Notes

March 14, 2023

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  • Added the “Manicouagan” map. This is a complete remake of our Manic-5 map.
  • Map Layers
  • Manicouagan AAS v1 – CAF vs RGF
  • Manicouagan AAS v2 – USMC vs RGF
  • Manicouagan AAS v3 – USA vs RGF
  • Manicouagan Invasion v1 – CAF vs RGF (RGF Attacker)
  • Manicouagan Invasion v2 – CAF vs RGF (CAF Attacker)
  • Manicouagan Invasion v3 – USA vs RGF
  • Manicouagan Invasion v4 – USMC vs RGF
  • Manicouagan Invasion v5 – USMC vs RGF (Flooded Map)
  • Manicouagan Invasion v6 – CAF vs PLA
  • Manicouagan Invasion v7 – CAF vs IMF
  • Manicouagan RAAS v1 – CAF vs RGF
  • Manicouagan RAAS v2 – USMC vs RGF
  • Manicouagan RAAS v3 – USA vs RGF
  • Manicouagan RAAS v4 – CAF vs PLA
  • Manicouagan RAAS v5 – USMC vs PLA
  • Manicouagan RAAS v6 – USA vs PLA
  • Manicouagan RAAS v7 – CAF vs IMF
  • Manicouagan Seed v1 – CAF vs IMF
  • Manicouagan Skirmish v1 – CAF vs RGF
  • Manicouagan Skirmish v2 – USMC vs RGF
  • Manicouagan Skirmish v3 – USA vs RGF

Note: This map replaces Manic-5, which will no longer be playable, nor available in the modding SDK

Added two new features, Find Match & Server Tagging.


  • Server owners have the ability to tag their servers with the list of tags that we provide.
  • These tags can be used to quickly find a server in the Server Browser.
  • You can filter tags via the updated filter panel.
  • Tags include:
  • Language
  • Game Modes
  • Playstyle
  • Relaxed – Communicate, coordinate, play for fun
  • Focused – Play the objective, play to win
  • Milsim – Tactics and subordination
  • Experience Preference
  • New Player Friendly – Explore the game and learn the ropes
  • Experience Preferred – You are expected to know game mechanics and common server rules
  • Map Rotation type
  • Set Rotation
  • Map Voting – For servers using their own map voting system
  • Note: Untagged servers will be shown only when you have server browser filters on default (or unfiltered)


In addition to having tags, the server browser also has new tabs that will allow you to quickly hop back on a server that you liked:

  • Favorites tab
  • Recents tab


  • You can search for a server by pressing the Find Match button on the main menu screen.
  • There is a Search Preferences menu that will allow you to narrow down the type of server you want to play.
  • In addition to tags and game modes, search preferences include:
  • Find Match type
  • Multi-Choice (default) – Will show 3 servers to choose from
  • Automatic – Connects to the first found server
  • Maximum Ping
  • Minimum Players
  • Match Elapsed Time
  • Additional notes on how Find Match works:
  • Only shows modded servers if you have these mods installed
  • Doesn’t show full servers


We are excited to announce a new visual update to our main menu. We revamped the design to be more sleek and modern while making it easier to navigate. The new main menu features a cleaner layout with updated graphics and animations that enhance the user experience. We hope you enjoy our main menu’s new look.


Role Configurations Highlights:


Squad Leader 01

  • AKS-74U + Iron Sight + 45-round magazines
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Squad Leader 02

  • M4 + M68 Optic
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Squad Leader 03

  • AKS-74 + 1P29 Optic
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades
  • Unlocked at Squad Size 2

Squad Leader 04

  • AK74 + GP25 + 1P63 Optic
  • 2x 40mm HE Grenades
  • 1x RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade
  • Unlocked at Squad Size 3

Squad Leader 05

  • AK74 + GP25 + 1P78 Optic
  • 2x 40mm HE Grenades
  • Unlocked at Squad Size 6

Medic 01

  • AKS-74U
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Medic 02

  • AKS-74 + 1P29 Optic
  • 1x RGD-5 Frag Grenade


Rifleman 01

  • FAL
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Rifleman 02

  • M4
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Rifleman 03

  • AKS-74 + 1P63 Optic
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Rifleman 04

  • M4 + M68 Optic
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Rifleman 05

  • AKS-74 + 1P78 Optic
  • 1x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Rifleman 06

  • SKS + PU Optic
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades

Ambusher 01

  • FAL
  • 5x Fragmentation Rifle Grenades
  • 1x Personal Camouflage Net

Ambusher 02

  • M4
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades
  • 2x RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade
  • 1x Personal Camouflage Net

Automatic Rifleman 01

  • Minimi + No Tracers
  • 1x RGD-5 Frag Grenade


Infiltrator 01

  • AKS-74U + 45-round magazines
  • Vz 61 Skorpion
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades
  • 4x RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade

Automatic Rifleman 02

  • RPK-74 + 1P78 Optic + No Tracers

Grenadier 01

  • M4
  • 2x RGD-5 Frag Grenades
  • 5x RPG-7 Fragmentation

Grenadier 02

  • AK74 + GP25
  • 10x 40mm HE Grenades

LAT 01

  • FAL
  • 5x HEAT Rifle Grenades

LAT 02

  • AKS-74 + 1P29 Optic
  • 2x RPG-7 HEAT
  • 2x RPG-7 Fragmentation

Marksman 01

  • SVD
  • 1x RGD-5 Frag Grenade

Specialist Roles

Machine Gunner 01

  • PKM + 1P29 Optic + No Tracers

HAT 01

  • AKS-74U
  • 2x RPG-7 Tandem HEAT
  • 2x RPG-7 Fragmentation

HAT 02

  • FAL
  • 2x RPG29 Tandem HEAT

Saboteur 01

  • AKS-74U
  • 3x Timed Explosives
  • 3x TM62 Anti-Tank Mines
  • No IED


FAL Rifle Grenades

The militia can now make use of rifle grenades for their FAL rifles. There are fragmentation & HEAT rifle grenades available depending on which role is used. Due to a limited effective range, these warheads will pack a slightly bigger punch than the underslung grenade launcher rounds from other factions.

RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenades

A blast from the past, the RKG-3 anti-tank grenades have returned to the game. After being thrown into the air, the RKG-3 will deploy a parachute to orient itself downwards to damage vehicles it makes contact with (it will not do splash damage to vehicles). The grenade will have limited effectiveness against infantry and is currently unable to damage vehicle components (ex: engine, tracks, ammo rack – this is a known issue).

AK Series Reload Animations

Militia has received a new set of reload animations for their AK series (AK-74, AKM, etc) weapon which will give them a slight decrease to the reload speed of these weapons. A tactical reload (still ammunition in the current magazine) will see the current magazine quickly swapped out with a new one that’s already in-hand, while the dry reload (no ammunition in the current magazine) will depict what’s colloquially known as an ‘Iraqi reload’. These new animations will also apply to the Insurgent faction but conventional factions using AK series weapons will continue to use the original reload animations.

AK Series Iron Sight Picture

In addition to the new reload animations, we’ve also adjusted the sight picture on the AK74, AKM, SKS, AKS74U, Mosin, PKM, PKP and PPSH using iron sights to prevent the weapon from being skewed. This also moves the iron sight’s sight picture closer to being more authentic although we feel we’ve struck the right balance between looking realistic (which when done so with 100% realism, many players find difficult to use) and usable.


BM-21 “Grad” Rocket Artillery Truck

The BM-21 “Grad” is the first MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) to be added to the game, and arguably the first true self-propelled artillery vehicle that we have added. It fires powerful 122mm rockets with a minimum arming distance of 100 meters, has a minimum firing distance of 900 meters, a maximum firing distance of 1500 meters on even ground, and will only be present on larger maps within the game.

Due to its limited effectiveness at shorter ranges, getting the most bang for your buck out of this weapon system will involve closely communicating and coordinating with spotters to ensure that you are hitting an area populated with relevant targets, and that your rockets are landing on target. It will be used most effectively against mass concentrations of infantry in the open, enemy FOBs, or static light to medium vehicles

Armored Ural & Technical

The militia will be receiving several variants of an improvised, up-armored Ural 375, as well as modern pickup trucks. The idea behind these vehicles was to offer a bit more protection to the light vehicles of militia since their overall vehicle line-up is lacking compared to more conventional factions. Hastily-welded steel sheets will protect some of the vehicle’s occupants from small-arms fire although larger caliber ammunition will still pass through.

The up-armored vehicles will provide limited survivability to occupants when inadvertently running into enemy infantry. The up-armored technicals will still be served best by ambushing enemies or used in defensive positions that offer maximum protection. The armored Urals will provide slightly more reliable transport and logistical support for the militia, as they will rely on supplies for their defensive specialization, and doubly-so as they continue to lack helicopter support.

  • Armored Ural 375 Transport
  • Armored Ural 375 Logi
  • Armored Technical Transport
  • Armored Technical Logi
  • Armored Technical M2
  • Armored Technical SPG-9
  • Armored Technical DSHK

BMP-1 & SPG-9 Update

With 4.3 we’ve adjusted the minimum arming distance and recoil impulse of the BMP-1’s 2A28 “Grom” main cannon and the SPG-9 recoilless rifle. The arming distance has been reduced from 35 meters to 6 meters and recoil impulse has been lessened, these changes should make these weapons more effective in combat in addition to bringing their values more in line with authenticity.

New Flag & Voicelines

Militia will now have a new flag and updated character voice lines.

New Vehicle Camouflage

Militia vehicles have received a new coat of paint as we’ve updated their camouflage pattern to be something a bit more realistic looking!


ZIS-3 Field Gun

The ZIS-3 field gun is the first of its kind to be added to the game. It is a weapon emplacement, with up to two being able to be constructed within Irregular Militia Forces FOBs. It will have fragmentation, HEAT, and smoke ammunition types available so will be effective against both infantry and vehicles at long range but be cautious as prolonged use will sap a FOB of ammunition supply.

The ZIS-3 will best be employed in ambush positions, covering choke points or used in positions with long lines of sight where the threat of return fire will reduce the likelihood of quickly incapacitating the operator. This weapon is a relic of world war 2 and as such its HEAT ammunition lacks the armor penetration capabilities of modern weapons (only 120mm of armor penetration) but will still need to be taken advantage of in order to offset the Irregular Militia Forces’ lack of conventional heavy vehicles.


Dirt-Filled Ammo Boxes
Militia will receive a lineup of new defensive fortifications crafted out of dirt-filled ammo boxes in the new update. These will be their basic building blocks for defensive positions. In addition to these, militia will still have access to log walls and sandbags.

Tank Traps (Hedgehogs)

Tank Traps are cheap and quick-to-build fortifications that can be used to block off roads, bridges, or choke points in order to set up an ambush on vehicles. Vehicle occupants will have to dismount and deal with tank traps in order to clear the path so it will be ideal to lay these in locations where militia can ambush the vehicle or its dismounts otherwise these will only be a marginal nuisance.

Hull-down Position
The hull-down position is a fortification whose primary intent is to offer additional frontal and side armor protection for armored vehicles such as the BMP-1 or T-62 on even ground. Up to two can be built per FOB and will allow the militia’s older-generation armored vehicles to contend against their better conventional counterparts.

Camouflage Netting
As part of the update, the Irregular Militia Forces will get access to several new camouflage net fortifications. The lean-to, wall, and canopy will provide multiple opportunities for concealing not only infantry fighting positions but the canopy in particular is large enough to conceal vehicles, HABs, hull-down positions, or can just be used as a decoy position to confuse enemy UAVs.

The camouflage netting fortifications will help the militia both set up ambush positions at critical choke points or simply enhance a larger defensive position.


  • Made further visual improvements to the US Army soldiers
  • Configured multiple vehicles to eject players from open seats when in deep water
  • Retextured medium and large ammo crates
  • Rebalanced machine gun mag counts to overall increase the amount of ammo carried by AR / MG kit roles
  • Removed Ticket Bleed from RAAS layers on all flags except when all flags have been captured (which still has -60 tickets per minute mercy bleed) This is intended to incentivize more dynamic movement along flag lattice, affording teams that have been pushed off a middle flag more time to stabilize, reconstitute and strategically plan a counterattack.
  • Removed -10 ticket loss when a flag is lost for the AAS, RAAS and Skirmish game modes. Currently, teams that lose a flag are already at a large detriment due to – having lost ground/key strategic land areas; likely having lost one or more FOBs in the area (each FOB is -20 tickets); likely have lost several infantry tickets (give ups); losses of any additional vehicles/logis (costing tickets) or disabled vehicles at the lost flag (which now cannot resupply or quickly rebuild FOBs). This change is intended to make losing flags less of a blow to the overall battle.
  • In Seed mode, flags now only require 1 player to capture
  • Made improvements to two-handed gesture animations
  • Added idle animations for the Preview and Customize screen soldier
  • Made improvements to the camera animation on the PLA ZSL10 Wheeled APC open-top turret
  • Added desert camo for the QJZ89 Remote Weapon Station


  • Fixed a client crash related to SQVehicleWeaponTOW
  • Fixed a client crash related to USQEmotePlayer::OnEmoteEnded
  • Fixed a client crash related to ScriptCore.cpp
  • Fixed a client ensure issue related to RetractBipod
  • Fixed several visual issues with the shop and customize screens
  • Fixed multiple minor visual issues related to clipping while emoting or gesturing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 2-handed gestures not to work correctly on certain layers
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to use squad leader specific gestures while dragging bodies
  • Fixed an issue where a player could find themselves unable to lean and ADS if a third person emote is triggered during the transition from prone to standing
  • Fixed an issue where players could appear to hold items like their weapons while using the facepalm emote
  • Fixed an issue where users could not use the applause gesture with the decoy rock item equipped
  • Fixed an alignment issue with rocket launcher animations
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ASLAV APC to have no engine sound at max revs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the icon for the SPG-9 emplacement from appearing after it had been built
  • Fixed an issue that caused the barrel of the C7A2 M203A1 to disappear in third person when switching to any grenade ammunition type
  • Fixed an issue that caused the barrels of the C9A2 LMGs to be invisible in third person
  • Corrected incorrect Chinese text on the PF98 HAT Launcher’s laser rangefinder
  • Fixed an issue that caused bullet tracers to spawn from a soldier’s chest instead of their weapon barrel
  • Fixed a collision issue with the LAV2 Coyote
  • Fixed an issue that could cause water splash SFX to be inconsistent across multiple players
  • Fixed several issues related to the graphics settings display
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the icon for ammo crates from appearing when another player is too close to it
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with the BRDM-2 Spandrel
  • Fixed an issue that caused the M38 DMR’s optic to be invisible in third person
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the turret for the M2A3 IFV woodland variant to swap to a desert texture when the vehicle is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ironsights of the AUS EF88 Rifle to be invisible in third person
  • Fixed an issue where spawn screen layer names could block interaction with spawn points in rare circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that caused a character model to appear shiny and warped
  • Fixed an issue with the voiceover for objectives becoming neutral
  • Fixed minor visual inconsistencies between first and third person sleeves for certain US Army kit roles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the first person weapon reloading animation to become desynced when using freelook
  • Updated the weapon selection order of the ZTZ99A MBT to the standard set used by other vehicles
  • Fixed several incorrect tooltips for open-top turret weapons
  • Fixed an issue that caused the FV520 CTAS40 IFV vehicle to be incorrectly labeled as “FV520 WCSP IFV” on the interact popup


  • Al Basrah
  • Fixed a pair of minor visual issues
  • Anvil
  • Fixed a lighting issue on AAS v2
  • Black Coast
  • Fixed several minor visual issues
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UH60 to explode upon spawning on the Essex
  • Fixed several visual issues with the Subpen
  • Fixed an issue where players could fall through invisible holes under the sub launch bays in the Subpen
  • Fixed an issue that caused Client Log spam when the radial menu was opened and closed
  • Chora
  • Fixed a visual issue that could cause gaps in the wall to form
  • Fallujah
  • Fixed multiple minor visual issues
  • Goose Bay
  • Fixed a landscape issue that could cause players and vehicles to become stuck in a lake on the Western side of the map
  • Fixed several minor visual issues
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a radio to be placed in an unreachable spot at the Refinery
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to shoot below fences
  • Gorodok
  • Fixed an issue that caused some PLA vehicles to not appear inside the main base rearm zone on RAAS v12
  • Harju
  • Fixed a minor visual issue relating to roads
  • Fixed an issue that caused some RGF vehicles to not appear inside the main base rearm zone on RAAS v5
  • Pacific Proving Grounds
  • Fixed an issue on v2 where USMC had four LAV25 ARVs instead of the listed two
  • Yehorivka
  • Moved an incorrectly placed ammo crate on RAAS v10
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to spawn on the roof when having the RUS main spawn selected on TC v3


  • Updated mod SDK to v4.3
  • Updated mod versioning to v4.3. This requires mods to be re-cooked with the v4.3 SDK—any mods using the v4.2 SDK will be incompatible with v4.3.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become invincible if entering the admin camera while within a main base, while in editor.