Squad Update V4.2 Release Notes

February 7, 2023

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Attention Squaddies,

Update Squad 4.2 will include and focus on the upgrade of the game engine to Unreal v4.27, improvements to the visuals of the US Army faction (new uniforms & character models), a new map layer (Mutaha Seed v1, USMC vs RUS), new emotes introduced to the game and many more bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations to the game.

Check out the full detailed list of new features and changes down bellow.


  • Upgraded game engine to Unreal v4.27
  • Added DX12 as the default graphics API
  • You can still opt to use DX11 by selecting it in the Settings menu
  • Added support for FSR2 upscaling
  • Reimplemented and updated the Graphics Benchmark tool
  • Clicking the “Defaults” button on the Graphics Settings Menu will run a benchmark test on both your CPU and GPU and automatically apply recommended graphics settings once complete. As there have been some changes and optimizations to the graphics settings as part of the engine upgrade, we strongly recommend running this benchmark once you have updated Squad.
  • Made improvements to the visuals of the US Army faction, including:
  • New and improved uniforms, including a new forest camo variant
  • New and improved character models
  • A complete remodel of the M17 MHS Pistol
  • Updated ammo boxes and equipment
  • Increased HAB spawn activation delay from 20 to 30 seconds
  • Added a new map layer, Mutaha Seed v1 (USMC vs RUS)
  • Increased PLA ZSL10 APC cupola gunner mags from two to ten


  • Added a new feature, Emotes
  • Access the emotes radial menu in-game by holding the “X” key (Learn more about emotes: LINK)


  • Fixed a server crash that could occur in EOSServerSubsystem when kicking players
  • This fix addresses the main issue with modded layers and those should now work
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a user to disconnect from a server while pushing a helicopter from the rear
  • Fixed an issue that could cause servers to hitch on ensures, causing player disconnects
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where enemy zones could become impossible to capture after placing a friendly HAB inside of the area in Territory Control
  • Fixed an issue that caused modern technical vehicles to accelerate extremely fast after backing up into the water
  • Fixed an issue that caused the engine sounds for several vehicles to be quieter and harder to hear from afar than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aim down sights animation for rocket launchers and binoculars to not appear to other players
  • Removed unnecessary notifications in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that caused frag grenades not to play SFX or VFX on concrete
  • Fixed an issue where the GB FV432 APC’s engine could not be destroyed with weapons
  • Fixed a minor visual issue that could occur while aiming down sights in the AUS Mag58 Jeep
  • Fixed a minor visual bug with the PLA ZBD04A’s turret
  • Made several improvements to the appearance of the PLA ZTZ99A MBT
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the rangefinder of the PLA PF98 launcher from displaying properly in local training mode
  • Fixed an issue that caused the PLA QJY88 RHIB to cost five tickets instead of one
  • Fixed an issue that caused the PLA QLG10 grenade launcher to cost ten ammo instead of seven
  • Adjusted several PLA weapon and vehicle names for accuracy
  • Corrected the item description for the PLA QBU88 marksman rifle
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PLA LAT kit role to display rifles incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the wrecks of PLA ZSL10, ZBL08, and ZBD04A vehicles from sinking
  • Fixed an issue that prevented environmental effects (sand, snow, mud) from appearing on PLA soldier uniforms
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the driver of the PLA ZBL08 IFV and ZSL10 APC to be killed by explosive rounds hitting the vehicle’s front side
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the front water shield of PLA ZBL08, ZSL10, and ZBD04A vehicles from successfully deploying in the water
  • Adjusted the PLA ZBD04A IFV’s weapon loadout to follow the standards set by other vehicles in the game
  • Adjusted the order of the BTR80 Woodland APC’s gunner weapon selection
  • Fixed a missing ammo rack component on the PLA ZBL08 HJ73C desert variant
  • Improved animations on the PLA ZSL10 APC when interacting with the open-top turret
  • Fixed a visual issue with the turret of the PLA ZTZ99A MBT vehicle
  • Fixed an issue with the reticle on the T72B3 MBT’s turret
  • Fixed several issues relating to vehicle icons appearing incorrectly
  • Fixed several visual issues with Insurgent soldier models
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the medic role to appear as available when there are already two medics in the squad


  • Black Coast
  • Minor visual fixes
  • Chora
  • Minor visual fixes
  • Fallujah
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon cache would spawn floating in the air on Insurgency v1
  • Fixed an issue that caused water splash VFX to display inappropriately while shooting inside tunnels
  • Gorodok
  • Added obstruction to an exploitable spot for radio placement
  • Minor visual fixes
  • Harju
  • Fixed an issue where defender and attack staging zone text was incorrect on Invasion v5
  • Added new loading screen music
  • Kohat
  • Updated the minimap
  • Fixed an issue where PLA players were mistakenly able to build the HJ8 ATGM
  • Lashkar
  • Fixed a bug that allowed PLA SLs to use the buddy rally feature and the commander to use CO abilities near vehicles on Invasion v4
  • Narva
  • Fixed an issue where PLA had four logis and no transport truck on RAAS v6
  • Pacific Proving Grounds
  • Fixed an issue that caused the vehicle list on v2 (PLA vs USMC) not to appear
  • Skorpo
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters crashed into the water would not respawn
  • Fixed an issue with the minimap on RAAS v2 and v3
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to hit an unintended obstacle while running in the trench at M8-2-7
  • Minor visual fixes
  • Sumari
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the map to appear washed out, negatively impacting performance


  • Updated mod SDK to v4.2
  • Updated mod versioning to v4.2. This requires mods to be re-cooked with the v4.2 SDK—any mods using the v4.0 SDK will be incompatible with v4.2


  • Depending on the specific hardware setup, some players may experience frame rate stutters during gameplay – most notably while aiming down sights. If this happens to you, please switch to DX11 in the Graphics Settings Menu, restart the game, and try again.

NOTE: With this update, we have forced a cache clear (reset of game options) due to changes and optimizations to the graphics settings as part of the engine upgrade. There are new options to explore, so go check them out! Additionally, remember that you can use the “saved keybind preset” feature to load your old keybinds if you’d like.