Squad Hotfix 5.0.1 Release Notes

June 28, 2023

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Squad 5.0.1 hotfix is now deployed, here is the list of the fixes addressed in the update:


  • Fix attempt for frequent client crash that could happen upon startup, on map switches or, less commonly, mid-game.
  • Fixed Skorpo RAAS v4 USMC helipad not repairing/rearming.
  • Fixed an issue with players seeing underwater effects while they are on land on Manicouagan and Black Coast.
  • Fixed issue where destroying the PLANMC Z-8J’s main rotor first would cause the hull to not take collision damage
  • Fix for PLANMC ZSD05 APC + ZSD Logistics ejecting the gunner from the open top position upon vehicle entering water
  • Fix for VDV BTR-MDM APC (with PKT RWS) showing the gunner’s soldier model squatting under the vehicle