Squad Hotfix 4.4.1 Release Notes

April 26, 2023

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  • Fixed a crash relating to dragging soldiers
  • Fixed a performance issue that caused large FPS drops after opening a pack from the store during a match
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to zoom in and out when aiming down sights with the PLA HAT kit (PF98 tandem or high explosive)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to zoom in and out while raising your hands with an Unarmed kit
  • Fixed an issue that caused the driver camera to behave strangely when driving in vehicles with viewports
  • Fixed an issue with the driver’s camera position being misaligned on the following vehicles:
  • BAF LPPV Armored Car
  • CAF TAPV Armored Car
  • CAF LUVA1 Utility Vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where interactions with ammo bags, ammo crates and vehicles were blocked if there were other soldiers next to it


  • When a soldier moves in front of an item with an interact widget (e.g., an ammo crate or a vehicle), the interact widget may disappear and not re-appear until you look away. It is still possible, however, to interact with the item without the interact widget being visible. Players may also encounter issues interacting with items near ragdolled players. We’ll be doing our best to provide a fix to these issues in the next update.
  • When switching weapons on a tank, a reload sound plays although there is no actual reload happening. Make sure to press R to reload. This will be fixed in a future update.

NOTE: We are not updating the mod SDK with this update, although we do still recommend that all v4.3 mods update to SDK v4.4 as  v4.3 mods may encounter issues