Server Licensing Portal Change

August 14, 2023

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Offworld Industries is implementing a new Server License Portal. This change to a new portal will affect all Server Owners who currently host servers on the Server Browser for our games (Squad and Beyond the Wire). With the new portal we will be taking the time to help shift all Server Owners over to the new portal with a pre-application period that will span from August 14th, 2023 to September 14th, 2023.

Current owners may already begin to pre-apply using our new Server License Portal at Please note, Squad and Beyond the Wire will recognize the new license IDs and keys from the new Server License Portal you are advised to change your licenses over before September 14th, 2023  to not run into any issues with the old Server Portal closing. The new Server Portal can also be used to apply for licenses in the event of hardware or ownership changes. Please open a ticket if possible via the Hosting Discord if you wish to make changes related to the above events.

We are also introducing a revised set of Server Administration and Licensing Policies, available on our forums ( Please note these policies affect all owners and are effective immediately. Please take the time to review these policies before pre-applying for your server license using the new Server License Portal. There is new information in these policies regarding hardware, banning, and more. You must apply once for each server license you hold. For the Owners pre-applying please include your current server license ID in the comments when pre-applying.

We will not be accepting any new servers from August 14th, 2023 to September 14th, 2023 while we are transferring owners over to the new portal. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for those wanting to host their own server and apologize. This decision was made to help minimize disruptions and confusion during our Server License Portal transition.